A Letter from Dr. Katz

Dear Patient: We wish you a happy and healthy 2020. Our goal is to render you expert, compassionate care. Because of new medications in rheumatology, we can now help so many people. “You gave me my life back” is a … Continue reading

The importance of increasing lupus awareness

I remember when almost no one knew what lupus was and many publications described the illness as “fatal.”  Now we know that lupus can be controlled and many cases are diagnosed on a regular basis.  The research generated over the … Continue reading

Looking Up Lupus Online

Everyone with an illness thinks about doing informational research online about it.  This can be extremely valuable, but can also be misleading. Physicians know that some websites are very reliable for patients, but others have an agenda, a strong point … Continue reading

What is Lupus Nephritis?

Lupus nephritis, or kidney lupus, most often develops within the first five years after the symptoms of lupus start and usually affects people between the ages of 20 and 40.  It’s estimated that as many as 40 percent of all … Continue reading

Lupus and Diet and Alternative Therapies

Lupus is a systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease potentially affecting many parts of the body.  Once the antibodies directed at a person’s body tissues and chemicals start to become active, they can cause damage and produce inflammation.  Inflammation is visible when … Continue reading

Medicare, Part D and Secondary Coverage

Medicare patients need to make good choices when picking their secondary coverage.  Patients tend to think that “Part D” will take care of all of their drug costs.  Many rheumatic disease patients who take costly medications are unaware of the … Continue reading

Thrombocytopenia in Lupus

In lupus, thrombocytopenia is generally due to antibodies that form against platelets and destroy them.  This destruction can occur in the blood or in the spleen, an organ in the left upper part of the abdomen.  Sometimes the spleen enlarges … Continue reading

How to Talk to Your Doctor

Communicating effectively with your doctor is always important – but perhaps it’s even more important if the patient has a chronic illness like lupus. It’s important to remember that doctor-patient communication is a two way street. Doctors may be explaining … Continue reading

Understanding Eye Problems in Lupus

Lupus patients can have eye problems, but they are not common. The most common is dry eyes, often related to Sjögren’s syndrome, another autoimmune disorder associated with lupus. The treatment for Sjögren’s syndrome is generally just moisturizing eye drops or … Continue reading

Check Out Dr. Katz’s Latest Patient Letter

We want to thank you for letting us take care of your medical needs. Nothing is more important to us than earning the trust you’ve shown in our team. We want to pass along a few updates and reminders. Check … Continue reading